Uplighting is the most popular lighting add-on for most events. Uplighting (also known as architectural lighting), is a wash light placed on the floor which projects a colored light upwards towards the ceiling. This effect is most effective when placed in the corners of a venue or next to pillars, where it illuminates not only the ceiling but provides a great effect to the walls. Uplighting also provides one of the best values per dollar in decorating expense; it provides an immediate and noticeable addition to any room for a relatively low price. Uplighting is also effective for outdoor events where it can be used to illuminate trees and walls, which not only increases visibility and lighting but also sets and matches the tone of the event. Standard uplighting provides an excellent value, and for venues with ample power outlets is a great option.

Wireless uplighting represents the newest and most popular option in uplighting, and allows for more creative effects and expression than standard uplighting. Not only are the newest wireless uplights slightly brighter than the standard uplight fixtures, but as they are free from cables they can be used in environments where there is limited power sources as well. Another option available with the flexibility of wireless uplighting, is that they can be used in manycreative ways such as in illuminating tables.

Often times clients will ask how many they will need for their event, and the rule of thumb is 8 per room. Uplighting prices are for eight fixtures - which provides great coverage for most medium and large rooms -however you can always add additional fixtures for enhanced effects and presentation.

If you have any questions regarding uplighting please let us know and we will be happy to help you choose the right option for your event!

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting (also known as gobo lighting) is another popular lighting add-on for weddings and corporate events. We are able to design a logo, name, and/or date to project on the wall or floor of the event which adds an element of personalization and class to any event. The monogram itself requires about a week to be designed and manufactured, so please keep that in mind if deciding to order one. The term gobo stands for 'go between' as the monogram is cut into a steel circle and placed between the light's projector and lens. We use (in our opinion) the best gobo company in the U.S (Pro Gobo based out of Florida) to produce the highest quality and clearest/best cut gobos for our monograms. Customers are welcome to keep their gobo after the event as a souvenir.

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot lighting is most commonly used to illuminate cakes, centerpieces, and dessert tables (at weddings) or prize tables (at corporate events). The pinspot is essentially a mini spotlight which provides a focused white light on any area that needs to be illuminated or the focus of attention. Pinspots are quite inexpensive and are often an important detail to consider adding to your event. When considering whether to add pinpsot lighting or not, a good suggestion is to visit the venue and look at the natural lighting or venue lighting for where your focal point will be. Often times client's will find that their cake 'disappears' in the corner, or their dessert table or prize table is not recognizable or noticeable by the guests. These are the the small tables that can be important to the overall success of the day!

Premium Dance Floor Lighting is an upgrade to the included standard dance lighting which comes with all packages. The standard dance floor lighting provides great coverage for dance floors, however the premium version offers several upgrades and improvements for clients who have a more elaborate vision for their event.

The premium dance floor lighting adds several ambient lighting fixtures (a water ripple and mirror ball type LED) which can add to the ambiance and class of the room, and are a great addition for first dances and cocktail hours. The ambient lighting adds to the mood and feel of the room without getting in the way of photographs or being too 'over the top'. Also included in the premium version is an additional lighting stand (also called a 'lighting tree') which provides more flexibility with placement, as well as additional and higher quality dance lighting fixtures.

Premium Dance Floor Lighting