Should you book a DJ or a Live Band for your wedding?

Often times, a couple will decide between going with a live band for their entertainment or booking a DJ. Sometimes it will be a family member or friend pushing for one over the other, but the best answer to this question is... you need both!

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A live band is a great choice to keep the dance floor moving - especially if you book the right type of band to match your guests. However the band (in most cases) performs only for the 2-3 hours during the dancing portion of the evening, leaving the remaining 3-5 hours of the wedding unattended!

The band also usually plays 45 minute sets, which means that there will be 15 minutes of silence or generic background music during their breaks (perfect time for the DJ to keep the energy up and dance floor moving!). Working together, the band and the DJ can provide the best of both worlds and keep the dance floor full the whole night. However the main reasons why a DJ is so essential is that the DJ provides so many services beyond just the dance floor music. This is why the best option is the have a DJ as your 'foundation', and the live band as your dance entertainment.

Here are the main reasons why you need to (if it's in the budget) book both a DJ and Live Band for your big day:

  • You need the DJ for the ceremony as the DJ will be playing not only the pre-seating music, but the songs (on visual cue!) for the bridal party entrance, bride's processional, as well as the bridal party exit (recessional). The DJ also will be providing sound for the ceremony including wireless lapel and handheld mics so that the guests can hear the vows and officiant. The ceremony is often the most important part of the wedding in terms of couple's memory and of course if it's being video recorded.
  • The DJ is the host and emcee of your event, and will not only keep the guests informed about what's coming up next in the night (and the night on schedule!) but will introduce and emcee the grand entrance, the first dance, the parent dances, bouquet and garter toss, money dance, all the games, etc. This is a key factor in keeping everything fun and organized, and keeping the guests engaged.
  • The DJ provides sound for not only the ceremony location, but the cocktail hour patio as well as the reception (dinner and dancing). Without the DJ's multiple sound systems, couple's are limited to whatever the venue has on hand (usually not too much!)
  • The DJ provides a personalized playlist for both the cocktail hour and dinner, and in most cases these playlists are professionally mixed for smooth transitions and optimal flow.
  • The DJ also provides (in most cases) all the lighting and photobooth options which is a big part of the services we provide. Most weddings greatly benefit from uplighting, dance lighting, cake lighting, and monogram lights (as well as open air photobooths). Booking through a separate event or production company is usually much more expensive than going with the DJ.
  • The DJ helps plan and coordinate the event, often working hand in hand with the coordinator (or taking the role themselves if their isnt one), which is usually worth the DJ's booking fee by itself.

For all these reasons we recommend booking the DJ in addition to the band for the best in not only entertainment but for a successful and memorable day !