Uplighting is easily the most popular add-on! Here are some reasons why..

Uplighting is the add-on option that customer's always choose to add over all others, and for good reason. Uplighting is excatly what it sounds like: a colored light placed on the floor, that projects light (a wash) upwards. Almost any color is achievable, with the most popular being purple, blue, red, and amber.

Uplighting can change the entire feel of a room, and can transform a 'dead' room into one that feels lively and classy. Even a room with 'character' can benefit from some sort of uplighting. Often clients will say that uplighting was the best value (dollar for dollar) of all of their decoration budget, as it is immediately noticeable and can have such an impact. Usually uplighting is placed in the corners of a room and around pillars and other objects for the greatest impact. Uplighting should always looks symmetrical and should consider the layout of the room. Another area of a room that one sometimes finds uplighting placed, is behind the bar area and/or behind the DJ area. Both add a bit of excitement to a room. The other trend in uplighting is to go 'beyond' uplighting the room itself, and uplight the individual tables as well. This is a more expensive undertaking, as it requires many more uplights, but it definately increases the 'wow' factor.

The newest trends are towards wireless uplights as they dont require close proximity to power outlets or long power extensions. This means that they can be placed in areas unreachable by standard uplighting, and avoid the presence of extension cabling. Unfortunately wireless uplights cost much more than standard uplighting (at this point), but there is every reason to believe the price will come down in the next year or so.

I have made a photo collage of some of the events from the past year that I used uplighting on (which I have attached to this blog), to give you some examples of what it looks like. I find that pictures don't really do them justice, although you can find some great professional uplighting pictures on a Google search!

Thanks for reading, and of course if you have any questions about uplighting, or any other kind of lighting, please send me a message!