Updates and Improvements Oct 2017

It's been a little while since I posted my last blog but I wanted to write that I am very thankful for all the experiences and growth that has been happening this year. We booked over 100 events in 2017 (so far) which was a huge milestone for myself and everyone who's been helping make Aon Events a top event company here in San Diego.

As for our ever expanding team, we now have two open air photobooth options for customers (a standard and premium) - both of which are excellent and offer unlimited prints and downloads - with the premium being the 'latest and greatest' photobooth model.

DJ Tigerlily has been going out to events a lot this year and each time the couple or client emails me to tell me how happy they are with her performance! I have also had DJ Antuan and Tony Kings covering events and have had the same feedback. Great job guys!

As for equipment and other updates, we are now using lapel and wireless microphones at most ceremonies to give even better coverage, we have started getting involved with twinkle and curtain lighting (which has been getting a lot of interest on instagram), and we are now trying to customize our standard and premium dance lighting for each event to give the best experience at each venue. We have also introduced the Custom Package along with wireless uplighting which has been very popular too.

As for me personally, I have been staying busy mid-week DJing at Ignite in Carlsbad and the Round Bar and Eagles Nest @ Pechanga Casino, as well as trying to fit in at least one club event downtown per month. I have also been emceeing the game shows and slot tournaments at Harrahs Casino which is alot of fun (I love talking on the mic!)

Thanks for checking in !


December 2016 Update: Busy schedule, expanding team, & Photobooths!

As I look back on this past year I find myself quite excited with the progress and direction of Aon Events! We were invited back to every one of last year's office, corporate, and school dances/events, were added as a preferred vendor to 5 new venues/wedding professionals, and met and worked with so many great couples and clients.

We also started adding photobooth options to our DJ packages, and they have been a huge success. By partnering with Carlos Medina and the rest of the team at MyDJs Photobooths, we were able to offer our client's one of San Diego's best photobooth services at a great price, and many client's chose to add this service to their packages.

What else was new? Well as usual there was a lot of equipment upgrades and continuing small improvements in all areas (kind of like the latest version of Apple OS!). We went to many new venues and expanded our service further north into Orange County and further east into Temecula. We also had enough bookings that I was able to keep several of 'the extended team' busy with events - Chris, Tony, & Steve all went out for several gigs and got rave reviews.

As for 2017, I personally will be focusing on more club DJ work during the week as well as expanding the company to our goal of 200 events per year (this year we hit almost 100). With a expanded group of excellent DJs on board, I am quite confident we can reach that goal! Our mission statement of 'professional and interactive DJ services at a great price' seems to be winning over client after client. We will also be looking to partner with other wedding vendors to offer more 'one stop shop' services, specifically in the areas of dance floor rentals and expanding pro audio/video services and setups.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to meeting you or who having one of our great DJs meeting you in person soon!


Improvements to website and videos coming this week!

I am often asked for videos; of myself emceeing or leading a line dance, or just of the dance floors from previous events. I have been working on putting these videos together and will have them uploaded to my Youtube and Vimeo pages, as well as (hopefully) having them embedded here. This will give everyone a chance to see what an event looks like without having to actually come down to one, and to hear me emcee (so they know I don't sound like a cheeseball!).
Thanks and please leave any suggestions on further improvements that will help clients see what I can offer and bring to their next event!

2016 is filling up ! Please check calender for dates open!

2016 is looking to be the busiest year yet, with 8 weddings booked just this past month ! (January). I have updated my calender (upcoming events page), and am making sure I keep updating my calender,  so you can check my availability for your upcoming event. I have excluded all tentative and pending events, but will update the calender once a week. Please call or text me to confirm availability. Call now for your free consultation and how I can help make your event amazing!

New Equipment Updates!

I love equipment upgrades!

I am happy to announce that I have upgraded my main speakers from the EV 1000 watts models to the latest model at 1500 watts each (EKX-12P). This results in a more powerful and clear sound, even at lower volumes!

Also I have added a couple of wireless uplights to the uplight setup (this is a new technology but definately the way of the future). Wireless uplights allow the elimination of cables and extension cords (which looks better visually), as well as being able to place the uplight in areas where there is no power or far away from power sources.

Lastly, I have upgraded the lapel microphone for the ceremony. The new sennheiser model has great clarity and is an option for those who don't want the handheld wireless.

That's it for now!


New Speaker Stand Covers!

I am happy to announce that now that new speaker stand covers (also known as Skrims) are available! These were backordered for awhile but have now arrived and look great. Clients now have an option to ask for stretch or fabric type skrims. I have attached some pictures of both types, although as a default I will be using the new fabric style ones (as I have the past few events). It's the details that make the difference!

New updates to site!

October 25th/2015: Welcome to the DJ Danny Aon/XxEvents page! I have added a few updates to the site including an 'upcoming events' section, some updated photos, an audio mix, and some other improvements! I will be talking about events, venues, things I've learned from the hundreds of events, and probably alot about equipment here too (as I love sound and lighting!). Thanks for reading !